Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lift You High

awww, i getting sick..too bad and today is my birthday =(
im gonna enjoy my day, mr.fever could u just leave me?

F21 jacket, green chiffon high waist shorts, Topshop belt.


  1. Happy birtday to you^^

    Love the jacket and short!

  2. Happy birthday to you ,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday dear tess
    happy birthday to you ♥

    wish you the best !

    i love your blog so so much , tess !
    you are so beautiful and i love your style ♥
    follow your blog with google friends connect and bloglovin ;)
    it would be so nice, if you could have a look at my blog
    and maybe follow it :) but only if you like my blog of course ;)
    hihi ♥
    hope you enjoy your day !

    1. haha :D i forgot my url , otherwise you can´t visit my blog :DD

  3. Happy happy birthday!!
    Love your outfit ♥