Sunday, January 20, 2013

Don't You Worry Child

Lapel Black Woolen Dress - Indressme
Black Ankle Boots - Udobuy
Hat - Oasap


  1. This is cute! I like the Wednesday Adams vibe

  2. Perfect dress !


    Coline !

  3. Your dress is so beautiful and I love what you are wearing it with!

  4. really cute look :)lovely dress.

  5. seriously, all your clothes would be in my closet!!

  6. Amazing look. Love the tights

  7. Swedish House Mafia!
    Even though that isn't really the kind of music I listen to, I can't deny that this song is pretty cool. It's calming and soothing but also super upbeat and optimistic. You gotta love that! :)

    Tess, some of your outfits are honestly too amazing. I just wish your clothes could magically appear in my closet! Imagine all the fun I would have styling pieces like this's just the right blend of so many outfits. There's some cutesy little girlness, a little mod, a little goth, and a whole lot of stylishness. It's definitely something I could picture Alexa Chung wearing, which is one of the highest compliments I can pay a piece! I love that made your outfit more goth with your accessories. The Lennon glasses and simple hat are nice touches while the witchy black boots and choker make things a little darker. Red lipstick is the perfect hint of color for such an outfit and just makes things seem all the more glamorous.

    Absolutely gorgeous! <3


  8. that's really pretty :D

  9. omg girl, youre just perfect ! O.o :)